Failure is f*cking scary. It still scares us, after almost five years in business.

But messing up doesn't mean everyone is going to hate you or judge you. It simply makes you human.

Take a moment to think about who's more relatable: someone who's honest about the fact they don't have their sh*t together, or someone who radiates unattainable perfection?

Because the reality is, being a perfectionist who goes out of their way to avoid getting stuff "wrong" can negatively impact your business (not to mention your relationships).

Ultimately, being too scared to try stuff before you have it all figured out means you won't take any risks, and you'll probably end up paralysed by fear when it comes to making important decisions.

The fact is, running a business is a constant journey of many leaps of faith. Sometimes you'll land on your feet with a "Hurrah!", and sometimes you'll have to pick yourself up from a clumsy crash-landing and dust yourself off.

When that happens, we've got you.

What's in the mini course?

In this six lesson mini course with journaling prompts PLUS a bonus challenge, we'll cover...

  • How we invent what failure looks like

  • The things that make us feel like a failure

  • How we let fear of failing and "looking bad" keep us small

  • How to get OK with messing up

  • Why failure is pretty much always a good thing in the long runr

What will I get from this course?

Our goal is to leave you with...

  • A readiness to embrace failure

  • A technique to positively reframe failire

  • An audacious 'how to fail' challenge you can have FUN with!

OMG I need this course!

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Course curriculum

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    How To Fail (And Why It's Essential)

Meet your trainer

Director & Chief Trainer

Alice Reeves

Alice is Co-Founder and Director of The Joyful and The Joyful Academy and has more than a decade of experience in journalism, copywriting/editing, and content and social media marketing. Alice has worked across a range of sectors since 2009, including B2C, B2B and non-profit businesses and is passionate about businesses making a positive impact on the world, promoting ethical marketing practices, and empowering businesses to talk the talk AND walk the walk.